Start to Make and Keep More Money

Here are 3 activities you can do TODAY to start making and keeping more money.

1) You have to have a plan. This isn’t a 15 page document with charts and graphs. I’m talking about what you need to do in the next 3 months to make more money. Start short term. Evaluate what will land you more business. If you’ve been blogging and no one is reading your blogs, find out why. If you have been networking and none of those leads have panned out, find out why. If you’ve been calling people and they aren’t getting back to you, find out why. I’m all about starting with REALITY and going from there. So what plan do you need to start revenue flowing your way in the next three months?

2) You need to create a profit plan. This is a budget but I get all kinds of push back when I talk to business owners about budgets. So I call this your Profit Plan. It’s how you will plan to be profitable. By projecting your financial vision for the rest of this year, and identifying what revenue goals each month that looks like, you have put a stake in the ground. Now you need to make a plan on how you are going to meet those revenue projections. If you are also projecting your expenses each month, you’ll know how to adjust your thinking months before you end up in trouble.

3) You need to track and measure to see what works. If you don’t have a goal, say you want to land 5 new clients in April, then landing no new clients in April will be okay. Set up key success indicators to track so you can evaluate what is working. As entrepreneurs we love to chase that ‘shiny new object’. Chasing isn’t intentional. Chasing can take you a hundred miles out of your way. And it can cost you a bunch of money.

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