3 Surefire Tactics to Making and Implementing Your Business Goals

Are you frustrated with your attempts at setting business goals and watching them dissolve into the recesses of your file drawers?

Have you resolved not to set any more goals in order to avoid feeling like a failure?

Relax. Goals are good. You just need a system that allows the process to work for you instead of against you.

Surefire Tactic #1:  Start with focusing on your top 3 goals for the year.

What do you want to focus on? What are the 3 biggest areas of profitability? What do you need to get done in the next 12 months? Once you are clear on those top 3 goals, everything you do from that moment on has to be put up against this reality:  is this activity helping me achieve one of my 3 goals? If the answer is no, stop doing that activity.

This process stops what I refer to as ‘scattered thinking’. It’s the precursor to chasing those ‘shiny white objects’ that always sound so promising (read easier) and then aren’t.

As business owners we are challenged with staying focused – there are a lot of distractions and a lot of work that has to get done every day. To set priorities that keep you focused on those top 3 goals remember that your top priority is driving revenue into your business – my mantra is ‘follow the money’. If you are trying to choose between reading your Facebook page or picking up the phone and calling that warm lead, remember to ‘follow the money’.

Surefire Tactic #2:  Create specific initiatives for each goal.

You have your top 3 goals selected now let’s create 3 – 4 initiatives under each one that move you closer to achieving those goals. Start slow. If one of your goals is to build a new website, maybe your first initiative is to research and hire a webmaster. A second initiative could be to find 10 websites you like and use them as models for your own. When you have completed these two initiatives, add other steps that need to be done.

This is taking on those 3 goals in what I call ‘bite-sized pieces’. You don’t have to swallow the entire concept of creating that website overnight. Take it one step at a time and you’ll be amazed at how much work gets done. On top of that, you are also creating behaviors that only increase your efficiency.

Surefire Tactic #3:  Track your success.

Statistics prove that when you track and measure progress, you increase your outcomes by 15-30%!  In the case of creating that website, setting milestones of progress and deadlines is an excellent way of tracking your success. Your 3 goals can all have measurements that tell you where you are at any given time and show your progress. This is the feedback that lets you know something is working and more importantly when something isn’t working.

Find simple ways of tracking your progress every day or every week. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be and how well it keeps you motivated to see that progress turn into profits.

Strategic planning has its place. However, if you need help in getting traction in your business, staying focused on tactical approaches to completing business goals will ignite your profit-engine today providing you with a business that will around tomorrow.

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