3 Business Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you think you need to spend more money on marketing, or hire a sales person, or buy the latest and greatness gadget for your business, I have some advice for you. STOP! Here are 3 of the biggest mistakes business owners make every day. Get these nailed and then start planning your next step.

Mistake #1:  Not knowing the costs of running your business.
You have to know what it costs you to keep the doors of your business open. Guessing isn’t an option. I worked with a business owner who was five years into her business and was struggling to turn a profit. Each time I asked her ‘what does it cost you each month to run your business’? After giving me excuses such as, ‘I don’t have time to worry about that, I need to be focused on sales’, or ‘I have a good idea’, or ‘I put everything on credit cards’ (as if that solved the problem). The reality was this: once we spent the time and dissected her costs, they were over $2000 a month more than what she thought they were. ‘No wonder I’m not making any money’ was her reality check. Don’t delay. Figure this one out now.

Mistake #2:  Not projecting the amount of sales you intend to drive into your business every month.
If you aren’t creating a profit plan for your business, you are flying an airplane without an altimeter and you will crash. It’s just a matter of time. A profit plan is my name for a budget. But since the ‘b’ word only causes business owners to run from the room screaming, I prefer to ask business owners if they would like to create a plan to be profitable. A profit plan forces you to be real. Once you know what it costs you to run your business (see Mistake #1) you know that you have to bring in at least that amount of money every month to breakeven. By projecting your revenues over a 12 month period, you’ll know immediately what’s working and what isn’t by comparing your projections to your actuals.

Mistake #3:  Not understanding how fast your cash is coming into your business and going out of your business every day.
When I’m talking with small business owners, I ask two questions:  Do you know how much cash you have in the bank today? Do you know how much cash you’ll have in the bank next week? Knowing the answers to these two questions is what drives successful businesses. Cash IS king. But too many business owners treat it like a distant (and not much loved) relative! Managing your cash flow, when cash is coming into your business and when cash is going out of your business, is the #1 focus for any business owner. If you aren’t managing your cash, you aren’t managing your business.

While the financials aren’t the sexiest part of your business, they are the most critical.

If you become passionate about the financial aspects of your business, you’ll always have a business to be passionate about.

Want to learn to love your financials? Learn the positive side of making a plan that works and drives more profit to your bottom line?  My Destination, Greatness program lays the foundation for growth while helping you proactively plan for your success.



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