Oops – you mean that didn’t work for you?

Starting and running a successful business is NOT easy.
There is no FAST TRACK to success.

MOST of these online marketers started 10 – 15 years
ago and have worked hard to get where they are today.

And for that I congratulate them! What I have no
patience with is their ‘stories’ that leave you believing
that getting where they are is Easy. Affordable. Not
Risky. Fun.

==> NO ONE is talking about how to build a sustainable
profit model.

==> NO ONE is talking about how to manage your cash.

==> NO ONE is talking about the steps it takes to PLAN to
be profitable.

==> NO ONE is explaining that running ANY business is
all about RISK. And that to mitigate that RISK you
have to understand the foundational aspects of business.

Stop Chasing Those ‘Shiny White Objects’!

I talk to business owners all the time! And too many are
struggling because they believe that if they just chase
the next ‘shiny white object’ they will succeed!

If they just set up a Sales Page and learn how to
write copy for a Sales Page, they will get rich!

No one is asking business owners if a SALES PAGE is

One of my clients recently tried to set up teleseminars.
She had been swept up in the rhetoric of one of the
online gurus who promised she could make 6 figures in
income by simply learning how to conduct teleseminars!

You know what? She gave it the old college try and she
failed! Why did she fail?

Because, when I asked her to step back and remind herself
about what her Vision was for her business, teleseminars
weren’t a part of that vision.

Her Core Competency is Speaking. And she has been a
successful speaker for over 20 years. Yet she was
ready and willing to ignore her core competency, jump
on the teleseminar bandwagon JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE TOLD


What is your overall strategy for YOUR business?

What is your Vision? Where do you SEE your business in
18 – 24 months?


There is hard work, focused energy, critical planning
and a strong vision.

Are you ready to try for some of that? Even if I can’t
promise you ‘6 figures’ in income in 90 days, would
you be willing to spend some of your hard earned cash
to learn how to:

1. Set up a business to make and keep money

2. Make plans that works

3. Manage your cash so you have more of it to spend

4. Stop spinning your wheels and never getting ahead

5. Start building a foundation for a long term business

I’m not suggesting that teleseminars aren’t a viable
delivery mechanism for your business.

I use them every month.

BUT — I SET MY VISION for my business and I researched

I didn’t just start offering teleseminars because I could.

Anyone can offer a teleseminar. The people that pump you to
use teleseminars are also getting an affiliate hit for
everyone that signs up under their affiliate link.

So of course they want you to use Teleseminars!

You Are Critical to Your Success

The question ONLY YOU can answer is this:


<== THAT is the BIGGEST single issue that business owners struggle with

It’s why we chase every ‘new online marketing idea’
that comes into our in boxes. When you don’t have a PLAN,
it’s easy to think ANY PLAN will work. That’s where you would be wrong.

The only plan that will work for your business is the plan
that you develop based on:

1. Market research – this requires a plan
2. Identifying your ideal customer – this requires a plan
3. Setting up a plan to make a profit — this requires a plan
4. Managing your cash – this requires a plan
5. Driving revenue into your business – this requires a plan
6. Building a list of people who believe in you – this requires a plan
7. Knowing how much money you can spend – this requires a plan

I get so frustrated listening to all the successful online guru’s
attempt to make you believe that the success they have achieved
was easy – that they had one difficult time – then an epiphany – then
succeeded beyond their wildest imagination!

And they make sure you know that if you BUY THEIR Product or Service,
you will achieve the same results.

Make a Plan — Implement the Plan

Here’s what I believe.

==> You will be successful in business if you create a plan that outlines the HOW.

==> You will be successful if you create a plan that outlines the WHAT.

==> You, and only you, can determine the WHEN.

==> You and only you can determine the WHO.

No one can do this for you. To think that if you just apply what
someone else is doing — with blinders on to the uniqueness of what
you do and how you do it — you will more than likely fail.

Building businesses has been done successfully for centuries.
While the ability of a business owner to reach larger audiences
has never been easier, building a successful business still
requires sound decision making skills, a solid plan, money,
and solid thinking.

Laurie Taylor is a business growth specialist. Her program Destination,
Greatness will begin soon. For information on how to help your business
make and keep more money, visit http://www.destination-greatness.com
and listen to Laurie’s FREE video on the 3 Critical Concepts to Grow a
Grow a Successful Business.


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