Want to Make More Money and Keep More Money?

I have just three words for you …..

Follow the Money!

That’s it.

That’s all you have to do to run a successful business.

Wait, Laurie. That’s it? That’s all you’re going to tell me? Follow the Money?

Yes. Running a business is hard work but I maintain that as business owners we make it harder because we believe that if we just work hard enough, if we put in long hours, if we spend enough money on all those ‘get rich quick schemes’ that we’ll have a successful business.

I believe your success with your business is based on recognizing a few ‘rules of the road’ when it comes to running a successful business and when we focus on the right things at the right time.

And the right things to focus on are the 4 secrets I reveal in my CD set called Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line.

I knew what my goals were. I had a vision. I set up my profit plan. I set up my key indicators. I outsourced things I wasn’t good at. I kept focusing on profit-building activities and eliminated profit-depleting activities.

You can’t run a successful business if you don’t pay attention to 4 critical aspects of your business. And it’s those 4 aspects of your business that I focus on in my 4 volume series I call Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line.

STOP allowing yourself to be driven by your Profit and Loss sheet that you receive at the end of the month – START proactively managing how you make and keep money.

Too many business owners think that if you make it (money) you will be able to keep it (profit).

Here’s the reality for all of us. Wishing for profits never works. Intentionally planning to be profitable works every time.

My 8 CD set, Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, how you intentionally go about creating a business that will be financially successful.

Some fans of my product have been delighted with their results after listening to Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line.

“I am very impressed with the “Follow the Money” educational CD series. As an entrepreneur I am always looking for information with high impact that will allow me to immediately improve my business strategies with the least amount of time taken away from my business. This series of audio programs along with it’s data CD’s was very helpful in strengthening my business plan and keeping me on target with my goals. The profit planning disk “Ignite Your Profits” alone was worth the price of the entire program. My thanks go out to Laurie Taylor and the folks at FlashPoint! for creating a very worthwhile system to boost my business growth.”

John Marx, Founder, The Law Enforcement Survival Institute, www.CopsAlive.com

If you are a solopreneur or a business owner with fewer than 20 employees you have some very specific challenges. And they are different than the challenges for companies that have made it beyond the Start Up and Ramp Up stages of their company’s growth cycle.

First and foremost you have to Drive Revenue into your business. But driving revenue isn’t your only challenge. You have to Manage Your Cash, Manage Your Priorities and Track What is Making You Successful.

Here’s where I ask you those Pain-Generating questions:

  • Are you tired of working 12 hour days and not showing any return on your bottom line?
  • Are you sick of worrying about paying your bills every month?
  • Do you pay everyone else but don’t take home your own paycheck?
  • Are you frustrated year after year because you see no progress in your financial future?
  • Do you get to a certain growth marker in your business and seem to just spin your wheels – unable to move your company forward?
  • Are you ignoring the numbers because you just don’t want to know what they are telling you?

My goal behind my Follow the Money 8 CD set is to provide business owners with 4 business-building secrets they can use right away – I want to help you get focused on 4 critical activities that will not only provide you traction for growth but help you build a foundation in order to sustain growth.

“I’ve used my aversion to “numbers” as an excuse to allow my bookkeeper and accountant to know more about the financial end of my business than I. Shame on me for that, but now I have no excuse for not paying attention to the numbers. There are people that start a business because they love their offerings and are less excited about the financial structure of running a business. I fall into the later category. I’ve always been a little embarrassed about that, but after listening to Laurie’s series, Follow the Money, I feel motivated to understand this critical piece of my business. I’m using phrases regularly to speak about my business — my profit margins — my revenue groups — and I feel like I’ve learned a great deal in a very short period of time. I’m empowered! I found Laurie’s Follow the Money Series to be a life saver, try it you’ll like it.”

Sue Hansen, Founder, Sue Hansen Speaks www.suehansenspeaks.com

Here Are The 4 Secrets that Will Boost Your Bottom Line …..

  1. Profit planning – design your own profit plan to help you make better decisions and to keep you focused on what it will take to make and keep more money
  2. Cash flow management – figure out your company’s cash flow cycle and never worry about tapping into those credit cards again
  3. Selecting and tracking key indicators – identify what will tell you when your company is being successful …..and conversely, know way in advance when you are heading for trouble
  4. Action planning — create a laser-like focus on profit-building vs profit-depleting activities that will keep you focused even during the toughest of times

Get focused on these 4 Critical Activities and your business will start to gain the traction it needs to move to the next stage of growth!

Oh, and in my Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line I’ll teach you how to improve your profits by spending only 20 minutes each week!

Just 20 minutes of focused activity on these 4 secrets will boost your bottom line!

“After being in business for myself for 30 years, you have convinced me of the importance of profit planning. I’ve never paid attention to the numbers. All that is going to change in 2009!”

Tom Dearth, Founder, Spotlight Communications

The #1 reason business owners struggle to make their company everything they know it can be is: FOCUS.

I know that as a business owner, you are bombarded with issues every single day and those issues can’t be brushed aside. You have a thousand things to worry about and take care of and as business owners we find ourselves pulled in a multitude of directions and never seem to be able to stay focused on any one issue for very long.

My CD set, Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line was created specifically for solopreneurs and business owners with fewer than 20 employees.

It’s not to say that if you have more than 20 employees you won’t get value out of my 4 secrets.

However, knowing that business owners in the Start Up and Ramp Up stages (fewer than 20 employees) of their company’s growth cycles struggle getting the traction they need to hit their stride – I’ve specifically created this set of CDs to focus on issues aligned with businesses with fewer than 20 employees and the solopreneur who doesn’t want employees but who want to make their business more profitable.

“Laurie Taylor’s Follow the Money CD series has transformed my business from an often overwhelming grind to something to be passionate about once again. Once Laurie shed the light on the simple processes needed to ‘follow the money’, my entire life changed. With the simple tools presented in this series, I quickly learned to identify which activities were ‘profit building’ and which were ‘profit depleting’. Incorporating her simple processes for Profit Planning and cash flow tracking have given me a sense of empowerment over the financial side of my business that I’d never felt before. I’ve recommended this program to many friends and colleagues who run their own small businesses and they all come back and thank me for turning them on to Laurie’s easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement tools, tips and techniques. I suggest you ask for immediate delivery on your order. No kidding. It will change your business!”

Katrina Mitchell, Founder, SPEAK! www.linkingspeakers.com

Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line demonstrates the value of spending 80% of your time focused on driving top line revenue and only 20% on the expense side of your business.


Because no business ever ‘saved’ itself to success.

You have to ‘earn’ your way to success and focusing on your top line revenue is the proven method.

If something will help you generate money, make it a priority!

I know numbers aren’t sexy and sometimes they can be a bit disturbing. That’s because numbers don’t lie.

The reason too many business owners ignore the financial aspects of their business is because they simply don’t want to know what they don’t know!

But as a business owner it’s your job to understand the numbers.

You can have a bookkeeper help you organize your books, you can have a CPA prepare your taxes.

But if you, as the business owner don’t understand the concepts I’m take you through in Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line, you are not taking care of your business and you will pay a price.

Here’s a Sampling of What You Will Learn After listening to my Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line:

  1. Understand the biggest mistake you are making in your business (this alone is worth the price of admission!)
  2. Learn how to identify where you make the most money (stop wasting time on services or products that just waste your money!)
  3. Discover the power of understanding how to take the guesswork out of profitability (and start paying yourself every month)
  4. Uncover the 7 critical questions you have to ask yourself in order to stop losing money (and start becoming a numbers whiz kid)
  5. Identify the 6 steps that will keep you out of the red (and always working in the black)
  6. Learn how to ask yourself 4 questions every day to keep you on track (and provide you with information you won’t be able to live without)
  7. Learn how the secret to profitability isn’t always about money (which is why this system is so powerful)
  8. Uncover 11 critical questions about your business that you have to ask yourself today (and why these have to be answered before you can start making money)
  9. Discover 3 focus-insights that will keep you grounded in the reality of running a successful business (nail these now to create a growth foundation that will take you well into the future)

“I feel so empowered! I’ve let the numbers intimidate me all these years …no more!”
Terri Norvell, Founder, Further Performance Group, www.furtherperformancegroup.com

“I knew building a budget (what you call a Profit Plan) was important but I just didn’t understand how to get started. Your Follow the Money program gave me the information and the templates I needed in a clear, easy-to-understand format.”

Neale Guthrie, Director of Operations, Chronos Apollo

I Walk You Through Exactly How to Start Making More Money and Keeping More Money …..

Here’s what you get when you purchase my Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line.

Volume 1: Ignite Your Profits by Creating Your Own Profit Plan

An audio CD that walks you through how to intentionally plan to be profitable.
A second CD that provides your own Profit Plan Excel spreadsheet template and a word document of the step-by-step Profit Planning process.

Volume 2: Ignite Your Cash Flow without Burning Through Your Money

An audio CD that gives you advice on how to proactively manage your cash flow.
A second CD with your own Cash Flow Template and a word document of the step-by-step process on how to manage Cash Flow.

Volume 3: Ignite Your Success by Tracking Your Progress

An audio CD that helps you select your own success indicators for your business.
A second CD that gives you a Lead Generation template to get you started tracking your progress and a word document of the step-by-step process on how to get started.

Volume 4: Ignite Your Focus Because Setting Goals is Not Enough

An audio CD that helps you focus on the right things at the right time.
A second CD that provides you a system for determining your own profit-building vs. profit-depleting activities and a word document of the step-by-step process on how to make certain you are focusing your energy on making money.

You get 8 CDs loaded with information and templates you can use immediately and step-by-step instructions so you know exactly how to plan to be profitable.

“Laurie Taylor’s Follow the Money CD set is great – my business partner & I loved it! Not only was Laurie’s presentation style easy to listen to it was so orderly that at the end of each CD it was clear what we needed to do and WHY we needed to do it. She spoke directly to the concerns and financial challenges that we face in terms that we could relate to – even better than knowing that the numbers are in QuickBooks, we now know what they really mean to us. There’s a huge difference! With the bonus CD’s, written overview and the template documents for the homework assignments we’ll have no trouble completing the assignments and applying them in the financial planning and tracking process of our business. Thank you Laurie!”

Shayne Lawrence, President, Catch This Design Inc. www.catchthis.ca

It’s my belief that getting business owners to Focus on the Right Things at the Right Time is the biggest challenge business owners face.

And there is nothing you will do as a business owner that is more important than knowing and understanding your financials. Nothing.

Let me repeat that.

There is nothing you will do as a business owner that is more important than knowing and understanding your financials.

Invest in Yourself in Order to Invest in Your Company……

In my Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line, you’ll start shifting your behaviors and you’ll start shifting your beliefs in what you have to do to run a successful, profitable business.

If I can help you shift behaviors and beliefs then we’ve helped the world’s economy.

And as you build and grow your business, no matter where you are, you will provide the only stimulus package the world needs – a flow of goods and services from one person to the next person.

Successful businesses that employ fewer than 20 employees account for more than a trillion dollars a year in sales. We DRIVE the economy and it’s through successful business owners, JUST LIKE YOU, that the business world will pull itself up, brush itself off and start oiling the wheels that turn the global economy.

As a business owner, it’s important to RETHINK what you are doing in order to exceed your own expectations.

Order my Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line TODAY. You can get the 4 Volume CD Set or a downloadable MP3 for ONLY $297. Start intentionally PLANNING your way to PROFITABILITY!

Laurie’s Follow the Money CD set and hearing her present her ‘Reduce Risk, Increase Profits’ presentation in Calgary last year was worth FAR MORE than we paid – because I had NO CLUE about the financial end of a business and it has cost us HUGE. Had we known about all these concepts of understanding money and cash flow better, I think we could have been more than $100,000 ahead in profits over the last 3 years. I am now paying much more attention to our financials!

Dr. Natasha Iyer, MD, Anti-aging and Wellness Physician and CEO of Chronos Apollo, www.chronosapollo.com

If you invest $297 and purchase my Follow the Money set, I’ll predict that you’ll recover that amount in 30 days after you have set up your templates and started to proactively manage your money. (you’ll actually recover way more than that but I’m just trying to make a point – and that point is — if you purchase my product and USE IT, you will start making more money!)

Laurie Taylor’s “Follow the Money” series greatly improved our bottom line. Our business has already produced more in sales the first quarter of this fiscal year than the entire year last year. Laurie’s system takes you from “hoping” to doing, moving you away from profit depleting activities to profit building activities. Through the use of metrics, tracking results, and focus, Laurie’s “Follow the Money” process will get you to shift from being at the whim of external circumstances to taking back control of your business. This series is a “must have” for every business owner and CEO!

Tim & Kris O’Shea, Founders, The O’Shea Report, www.theosheareport.com

I’m not going to pepper my offer with a bunch of FREE items you aren’t really interested in.

So ORDER Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line TODAY for ONLY $297. I am so sure you will absolutely LOVE Follow the Money: 4 Secrets to Boosting Your Bottom Line, that I’ll happily refund your entire purchase price if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Come on. Stop wishing your business was doing better. Order this 4 Volume Set TODAY and start intentionally PLANNING to build a successful and profitable business.